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The Intriguing Psychology Behind Marketing to Families

Families are a central part of the human experience. Most of us come from families and go off to, intentionally or unintentionally, start new families of our own. It is, therefore, one of the largest, key markets that businesses pay attention to when developing their marketing strategies. However, the word ‘family’ has taken on new meanings. Families have evolved beyond the traditional household consisting of a husband, a wife, and children. The common familial structure has changed and with it, the needs of the individual members within various structures.

According to, There are some emerging modern family trends to consider when targeting families:

  1. Childless households

  2. Wives and mothers as breadwinners

  3. Multigenerational households

Additionally, diversity and cultural upbringing are a lot to consider! However, the one trait shared among most families, is their desire to spend time with their loved ones. In a world recently pulled apart by disastrous events, family is especially now more important than ever. Marketing to the family can therefore is a powerful tactical approach to draw consumers with families to your business. Here are a few tips on how your business can focus its marketing strategies that target families.

Share Information and Encourage Interaction Through Social Media

News, comedy, entertainment, creative inspiration, educational information—it’s all happening on social media. More than ever, people are seeking answers to life’s most puzzling questions, or simply getting their daily dose of what is going on in the world, by flipping through social media. Families are no different. First-time parents are looking for answers to why their babies are crying so much, while other parents may be concerned about getting the best education for their children. Older children within the family will have different concerns such as, ‘how to save up for their first big buy without depending on their parents' finances. With all these burning questions floating around social media, it is the perfect opportunity for your business to engage with these audiences and provide advice in the form of blogs or fun images and videos. Better yet, encourage people to share their experiences through asking engaging questions, doing polls, or even doing live videos which encourages real-time instantaneous conversation. Not only is this a great way for different families to interact and bond with each other and their families through shared experiences, but it’s also a great opportunity for your business to promote how its products and services may further help to lighten their many concerns and bring them closer together.

Fun Events

Nothing brings people together better than a day packed with food and fun activities. Sometimes people get so busy with their lives that they neglect to spend quality time with their loved ones. Other times, there are just no activities available that an entire family can go to. Many of us in the Caribbean enjoy the party and festive lifestyle. However, such a lifestyle is not ideal for children. Your business can step in here by creating and or promoting events that are suitable and fun for the entire family. Such activities may include picnic events, a family movie night, or a special dining experience with suitable music and games that all can participate in and enjoy. Hotels, for example, can promote a family day special where children are engaged in pool and beach activities with experienced instructors. At the same time, parents enjoy a full body massage, a few drinks at the bar, or simply some peaceful alone time in luxury bedrooms.

Diverse Advertisements

It is important to remember that families come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, and with different characteristics. Therefore, anything you advertise should encompass, as much as possible, the many different types of families within your target market. For example, not all families consist of a husband, wife, and children. Some are single-parent households, while others live with their extended family; some couples share different races while other couples may have significant age gaps between them. It is therefore important to appeal to the different family groups in your marketing campaigns if you are to make them relatable and effective.

Make it Emotional

Spending time with loved ones is an emotional occurrence. Marketing to families is all about sentiment. Your campaigns should reach into the hearts of your audience so that they relate deeply to your message and are eager to be a part of what you are offering. Your marketing efforts should speak to how your business touches the lives of the people who interact with it; in this case, how it brings families together. For example, a bank advertising easy house loans to families shouldn’t focus its message on low-interest rates and quick payoffs. Instead, the bank should paint a picture of family life within that house. If you can vividly show them the dream of their possible future, they will be more eager to buy in, regardless of cost.

Creating Connections

At the end of it all, family isn’t about blood relations, but largely about the strong emotional bonds people form with others through life, regardless of race, gender or religion. Human beings crave connection as it gives us a sense of meaning and purpose. This is why marketing to families by promoting the importance of connection is a strategy worth investing in when targeting this particular audience. Show families that your business cares by sharing your knowledge, creating fun memories for your audience, being inclusive in your ads, and last but not least, never underestimating the power of emotion.

Do you market to families?

Which of these strategies do you think your company can benefit from?

Leave your answers in the comments below!

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