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Run your next promotion with your eyes closed!

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Creating roadmaps which get the  work done in a methodical, consistent way are essential to  creating efficiencies  for managers, marketers and entrepreneurs. This one is done for you!

Follow this workflow to get you through the planning process of your next promotion, or use it for a resource to train non-marketers  and coaching them through the process. either way its a great add to your arsenal of tools  to do the awesome work you do.

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Run your promo like a pro Workbook (8).png
Run your promo like a pro Workbook (5).png
Run your promo like a pro Workbook (7).png
Run your promo like a pro Workbook (6).png
Promo like a pro Workbook.png

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Hi, I'm Kimalene

I am a brand expert, marketing specialist, and project management enthusiast.  I enjoy the creative process and working with my clients to improve their brand awareness to see a positive return on their bottom line.

I have over 15 years of experience in the field, fueled by the interludes of lots of tea, coffee, and inspiration.

Workbooks make life easier!

Keep all your planning in one place with this workbook! no more notes on random pages of your notebook or multiple doc files that  you barely remember creating. Download this workbook and  plan in a methodical way and see  results that you will be proud of.

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