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Harnessing Holidays to Boost Your Brand Visibility

Isn’t it funny that no matter how many holidays or celebrations go by, the moment it is over and we are forced to get back to the grind, our bodies immediately start craving the next fest? That’s because most of us, hunger for freedom, fun and relaxation whenever we can get it. Our eyes and ears are always open for the next big happening in our communities. That’s why holidays and occasions create the perfect opportunity for your business to shine brightly and capture the attention of audiences yet to be dazzled by you. As a business, you should always be on the lookout for ways to increase your brand’s visibility. However, holidays make it so much easier! So here are three fun ways you can use holidays and occasions to bring awareness to your business—and maybe even create a little fun for your team members.

Create a Jingle

Some of the most popular brands today are easily noticed by their jingle. Think McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it” or Kit Kat’s “Give me a break”. The tune immediately comes to mind, doesn’t it? A jingle is a fun way to turn eyes on your business through a fun and catchy tune, and creating one can be easy as pie when you can just choose one of your favourite tunes associated with a holiday or occasion being celebrated (provided they are in the public domain), and add your own lyrics to promote your brand. It’s easier and less expensive than finding music professionals to collaborate with. People will also immediately recognize the tune and are likely to pay more attention to the words. The key is to choose something catchy and well-known so that when customers unconsciously find themselves singing along to the song with the lyrics you created, it’s your business they have in mind.

Tell a powerful Story

Holidays and special occasions such as Christmas, Carnival, Valentine’s Day and birthdays are celebrated due to their significance in history—personal or otherwise, and each has its own rich story to tell. Your business, too, has history and therefore has its own powerful story to tell. Sharing that story with the public, specifically in video form can be a powerful strategy to boost your visibility in a way that can immediately capture the attention of your target audience and helps stir sentiment. You’ll be more appreciated and your business more memorable, simply for showing the human side of your business in the context of the holiday or occasion.

Go a bit further by creating engaging and shareable content that taps into the spirit of holidays. Develop creative campaigns with holiday-themed hashtags, contests, and giveaways to encourage user participation. Utilize visually appealing graphics, videos, and animations that align with the holiday theme and showcase your brand. Leverage popular holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine's Day to generate buzz and increase brand visibility across various social media platforms.

Holiday-Themed Events

Create a unique and immersive experience that aligns with the holiday spirit by organising, participating in or sponsoring holiday-themed events or pop-up shops to showcase your brand in a festive and interactive way. During these events, offer special promotions, limited edition products, or exclusive discounts to attract customers. Go the extra mile to engage with attendees, provide branded merchandise, and encourage social media sharing to extend your brand's reach and visibility beyond the event itself. Your commitment to this activity will be commensurate with the outcomes you would have planned in terms of leads, sales, conversions and brand awareness.

Through your efforts, audiences will start associating your brand with their favourite events and if audiences see that your values align with their own, they will be much more likely to take notice and throw their support behind your business.

Holidays and special events are the perfect platforms through which you can boost your brand’s visibility. Whether it’s through creating a catchy jingle that gets your brand recognized, sharing your business’s unique story in a fun and engaging way or sponsoring events that align with your values, holidays are among one of the best ways to get seen and create new and meaningful connections with your audience in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

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