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Out of the box ideas for Mother's Day Marketing.

So, what can your business do to help make Mother’s Day a bit more special and personal for your customers instead of recycling the usual generic lacklustre items?

Here are a few unique ideas that might actually work.

Events for Mom and the Family

A loving mother wants nothing more than to see her children happy. So instead of

only offering products and services solely for mom, your business should also organize

family day events where mothers can enjoy different activities with their children.

According to your business industry, promote and host events where mom and her kids,

young or old, can laugh, learn and simply have fun together. If you’re in the food

industry, host a cooking class. If beauty is your niche, offer a special mother-and-

daughter Spa session. Even financial companies can get on board by hosting fun events

or competitions on social media—e.g., funny family photoshoots—and present the

winners with special discounts, monetary rewards or enticing gift baskets.

Free In-Store Treats for Moms

Not all mothers want or expect anything from their children on Mother’s Day. In fact,

a survey conducted by OnePoll found that out of 2000 American women, 54% of women

bought themselves a gift for Mother’s Day. The truth is that some mothers would rather

buy their own gifts and spend the day how they see fit—whether that be indulging in a

shopping spree for themselves, cooking up a storm for the family, or laying off all mom

duties for the day!

Even so, your business can go the extra mile to make mothers feel

seen and appreciated with or without help from their children. Offer small gifts to

mothers after they’ve purchased something at your store or received a service from you.

Give them a complimentary drink if they’ve dined at your restaurant, offer a free or

discounted manicure after they’ve done their hair at your salon or provide them with a

small bouquet of flowers or a small box of chocolates after they’ve come in to a pay bill

or renew their insurance. The point is to ensure they exit your doors with a smile on their


Personalize Items That Moms Actually Use

On Mother’s Day, you are likely to find plenty of personalized items in stores with “I

Love You Mom” greeting messages on mugs, T-shirts, pillows and jewellery. However,

these are generic items almost everyone buys when they just can’t think of what to get

their moms. Your business can help make the act of personalizing items more special by

offering custom-made items that mothers will actually care about and find useful.

According to your customer base, you can start off by creating different groups of gift

items for different types of moms. Then, upon the customer’s request, you can get one

item in the group personalized with a meaningful message or something similar. If there

are moms who love cooking, for example, a gift set arrangement of cooking utensils

which includes a cutting board engraved with that mom’s favourite recipe, is indeed a

unique Mother’s Day gift.

Mother’s Day provides your business with the unique opportunity to make your

customers feel special and cared for.

By Creating long-lasting memories with mothers through family events, pampering them with precious gifts for all the love they have shown your business, and adding that extra touch of thoughtfulness through personalizing items, these strategies are sure to win the hearts and appreciation of mothers everywhere.

A happy, cheerful and wonderful Mother’s Day to all.


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