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Marketing for Love

Wait. So, let me get this straight. Did you say you want your customers to fall in love with your business, remain loyal to you, sing your praises to everyone where ever they go and still give you their full support even when times are hard?

OK, but then let me ask you this.

What are you doing to love them back?

I know what some of you are thinking - you’re selling them a product and service. If they love it, they should love you. Think again! Does a flower grow because you placed the watering can next to it? Do you lose weight by simply watching exercise videos? Of course not! So why should your customers automatically love you because you sell them a product? Millions of companies are selling similar products or services just as you are. So what makes you special and more deserving of loyalty and love from your clients? If you truly want your clients to love you or keep loving you, then you have to show them a bit of genuine love in return. Show them that they are just as valuable to you, as you are to them. Wondering how you can do that? Read on and let’s find that out now.

Show Your Love Through Loyalty

Your customers are like flowers that need to be watered. Take care of them regularly and show your loyalty with interest in their growth and happiness, and eventually, they will help to make your home look more beautiful - or in this case, your business more profitable. One way you can show your loyalty is to reward customers every time they make a purchase at your store, through loyalty programmes. Loyalty programmes may take different forms such as a points reward system where customers redeem points for discounts; or a punch card system where customers receive a free item as a reward. This form of loyalty works especially well for customers who frequent your brand. They will be more than happy to continue making purchases at your store when they know a reward is close at hand.

Show Your Love by Taking Advantage of Special Days

Valentines is looming! That means hearts, chocolates, flowers and couples searching for the perfect gift for their loved ones. Your brand may not be directly in the business of selling lovey-dovey candies and trinkets. However, that is all the more reason to use your creativity to show your customers that you care about, and are willing to celebrate their interests with them. It can be gestures as simple as arranging your products in a pretty hearts and flowers display, offering a special Valentine’s discount on bundled items or even by dropping in a free gift card or mug with purchases your customers make. All of these are great ways to commemorate special days just for your customers.

Show Your Love Through Providing Value

Just as they say, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, so too, is value the same in the eyes of the customer. Value does not only equate to product quality. Your ability to serve your customers pre-and post-sales is also a very good way to provide value. If you own a supermarket or grocery store, provide value by creating or sharing recipe videos that give your customers ideas on what they can make for Sunday lunch this week, or what they can try with ingredients they’ve already bought. If you’re in the financial industry, predict the questions your customers might have and provide useful how-to videos or blog posts that answer their burning questions before they can ask. You can also provide value by simply being an attentive ear to your customers’ needs. Take the time to listen to your customers’ complaints, let them know you understand their concerns and actually try to help with valuable solutions, provided in a timely manner. That means no automated messages where the customers’ concerns never or rarely get addressed. Customers would appreciate the personal effort and continue to support your business even when they face problems with your product or service.

Show Your Love Through Exclusivity

When a customer comes to your store, they decided to choose you. Imagine how happy and special that customer would feel if they believed you had personally chosen them as a valued customer! In other words, make your customers feel like a VIP. Marketing your product or service through storytelling is one way you can achieve this. People sometimes tend to feel like they are alone in facing a particular struggle. Use storytelling to pinpoint the exact pain points of your customers, and then to further explain to them how you can help them, can make your customers feel as if you are talking to them directly, and no one else. As a result, they will be intrigued and willing to support your business because of the connection that you made them feel.

Make your customers feel extra special by allowing them to beta test new products or services you will be releasing soon. When you reach out to them, let them know that you are choosing them out of a pool of many because of their loyalty to you, and you value their opinions. If they do participate in the beta testing, remember them and offer special discounts or an exclusive product that cannot be bought in store, as a way of saying thank you for everything. You can also practice exclusivity with your customers in smaller, but just as impactful ways such as remembering them by name, their birthdays and even details about what you would have discussed with them the last time theyinteracted with your brand.

'til the end of time

Always keep in mind that without your customers, you have no business. Your customers always have the option to go to another business if they are not satisfied with yours. Therefore, more than your customers do, you have even more reason to show them lots of love and appreciation for what they do for you. Love them by rewarding their loyalty, use special days as opportunities to connect, give value beyond the actual product and provide exclusivity through being more personal. Do this, and your customers will love you now and until the end of time.


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