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Make your Online Event Memorable

So you’ve decided to start creating online events as part of your marketing strategy. Awesome! You’ve probably already heard that virtual events are great for building brand awareness, creating lots of engagement and can help to quickly expand your reach. So, you dig in and try creating a few events yourself. Only…you find yourself struggling to get the engagement you hoped for, no matter how many events you put out there. Frustrating! But don’t throw in the towel just yet. There is a good reason why this might be happening to you. Let me talk you through it with this example.

If you had to choose between

(A) attending an hour history class where the teacher drones on about historical dates and people you’ve never heard of before, or

(B) attending an hour history where you get to dress up and play out the roles of the historical characters you’re learning about, with music and sound added, bringing it to life; which class would you choose?

Which one sounds more exciting to you?

Now replace the history class mentioned in option A with your online event. If you wouldn’t sit through that particular history lesson, would you really expect your target audience to react any differently to an online event of a similar nature? How many of us are guilty of having hosted events where we do most of the talking, while the audience has no other task but to sit and listen? The last thing any of us what is for our event to sound like a boring school lecture. There are more ways than one to make your events entertaining, engaging and, most importantly, memorable. Keep reading to discover a few ways you can do this.

Have a Giveaway

People love to receive free or discounted stuff. So why not give them that opportunity at your event? Giveaways are great for increasing brand awareness as they provide potential customers with something of value in return for their interest in your company. Offer coupons, special edition products and branded items, to give your audience something in exchange for their time. Make your giveaway even more exciting by using countdowns to build up tension, or having contests that drive competitive spirit and make people more eager to participate.

Host a Live Trivia Event?

Use online events to develop closer bonds with your existing customers. This will aid in increasing brand likability and loyalty. One great way you can do this is to have a virtual trivia event. Not only is it a ton of fun, but it drives major engagement and even builds friendships and camaraderie among audience members who compete against each other. Choose trivia questions that are relevant to your target audience, otherwise, general questions that people can have fun answering are also fine. You may also want to set a prize for winners, although this is not necessary. The point, after all, is simply to show your customers a good time.

Invite a Special Guest...

Get people talking and spreading the word about your virtual event by including a special guest appearance. Build curiosity and excitement by not revealing your guest until sometime into the live event. However, definitely throw in a few hints about the guest and the topics they will be addressing, to keep your audience hooked. This ‘surprise’ tactic will work especially well for well-known influencers who have knowledge or some experience with your particular industry.

Alternatively you can promote your special so that they bring along their tribe to your live event.

Your special guest can be someone who has a lot of experience and knowledge about your specific field or a wildly popular character-based on your preference. In this case, you may decide to be more upfront with your audience about who the guest is. Keep the buzz and excitement alive, by sharing that special individual’s accomplishments and experiences in the relevant field to heighten interest and increase traffic to your event.

Make it a Party!