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How to be generous to your team at Christmas

Sometimes we get so busy serving our external customers that we neglect our internal customers. These are the people who must drink the Kool-Aid, and evangelise about your brand. There is no better time to show gratitude, than during the warm, giving season of Christmas. So here are some non-monetary, meaningful ways that your company can give back generously this Christmas to the employees who have loyally served your business operations throughout the year.

Branded Items

Gifts, especially at Christmas are a great way to show employees how much you treasure them. Branded items send a personal message of “from me, to you”. This gesture is all the more appreciated when the tokens are significant value to the employee’s life. For example, instead of generic branding items such as pens, t-shirts, caps and keychains, invest a little more into your employees’ well-being and general lifestyle by branding items that they are more likely to want to use frequently. This can include hot water flasks, flash drives, headphones or gym bags. The more valuable the item, the more appreciated your employees will feel.

Atta Boy!

Nothing says, “You are valued” at work more than a kind act of recognition or acknowledgement for a job well done. Simple gestures like a pat on the back, a high five, or a ‘great work!’ is enough to keep one humming a cheerful tune for the rest of the day. Therefore, why not multiply these little acts of recognition in a BIG way this Christmas? Instead of simply handing out bigger paychecks, host an annual event where you recognize employees for positive or desired behaviours they continuously displayed throughout the year. Such behaviours may include leadership characteristics, selflessness, excellent customer service or even the ability to take the initiative. Your business can also go the extra mile to reward desirable behaviours with plaques, trophies or even a private dinner reservation for the winning employee and their loved one. Not only will such actions make your employees feel appreciated and valued, but they will also help to encourage the right behaviours in other employees who would hope to win the award the next year.

Adopt a cause

Giving to charity doesn’t always have to come in the form of a monetary donation. There are several other ways out there for you to support a charity or cause they believe in without necessarily having to distribute a percentage of your wealth. Instead, build more genuineness into your donation by organizing a charity drive. First, get your employees involved and choose an agreed-upon charity to donate to. Then, depending on the needs of that charity, you can arrange a drive for food, toys, clothing, toiletries or books, to name a few.

Make the act of giving even more fun and exciting by putting on a public concert with your employees starring as the main actors. Ticket sales can be in the form of a donation of an item towards the cause or charity you are supporting. These activities at Christmas boost morale among your employees and encourage feelings of ‘family and belonging’ within their workforce and with the business as a whole.

Make a Holiday Video

Last but not least, give some Christmas joy to your staff by hosting a ‘Best Holiday Video’ competition between departments. This allows your employees the chance to shake off the everyday routine for a bit and encourages them to embrace and showcase their individual and unique personalities in a constructive but creative way. Instruct that your employees use one hour of their workday to come together to plan their video and enforce a deadline. Ensure that there is a grand prize for the department that can develop the most creative, most engaging Christmas video that effectively portrays what their department does. Your employees will indeed have fun coming up with different ideas for their videos and will be glad for a break in day-to-day work activities.

You may even get to display the fruits of their labour to your customers, demonsatrating what a great company you are all -round.

Show your employees that they are more than just another monetary expense to you but are individuals who have directly helped to grow your business and are loved, treasured, and appreciated as family. In addition, making your team feel valued will boost your image because your customers listen to them too!

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