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Black Friday is the answer to slumping sales

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

‘Black Friday’ means huge discounts and awesome deals, and customers love it. In fact, the beloved American shopper’s holiday is now celebrated and anticipated in many countries worldwide. Likewise, businesses love it because it gets shoppers swarming your doors and websites. If your company has not already started to take advantage of the Black Friday Frenzy, or you’re still pondering on whether you should jump on that trend, then keep on reading to find out why your business will definitely want to start hosting its own Black Friday sale.

Increase Consumer Traffic and Multiply Your Sales

Black Friday has become the day that officially opens the Christmas shopping season. Shoppers are always looking for good deals on gifts, decorations and food items. What better time to search than on one of the busiest, most discounted shopping periods of the year? Don’t depend on only Christmas promotions to drive traffic to your business. Instead, position yourself ahead of the competition and double down on sales opportunities by incorporating a Black Friday sale into your overall Christmas promotional strategy. It’s like a deal within a deal! You will see how fast your sales multiply then.

Out With the Old Stock, In with the New

Use your current inventory to usher in Christmas by having a big Black Friday sale. All year you have been stocking summer items, carnival paraphernalia and back-to-school products. Now that the biggest shopping season of the year is almost here, your business is ready to boost sales with a huge Christmas Extravaganza! However, here is your dilemma-what do you do with the leftover inventory of summer and back to school items, now taking up valuable space on your shelves and in your storage area? Now that Christmas is just around the corner, they certainly won’t be going anywhere in a hurry.

Rearrange or redesign your store and website sales pages to give them a Christmas theme. Create bundled discounted specials and promote your slower sellers as perfect gift ideas for friends, family and acquaintances ahead of the season. Present these as a Black Friday Sale, and draw customers to your store and your website. Then, once you have cleared out a bit of the old inventory, you can finally make space for the new as you turn full attention to creating your Christmas sales promotion.

An Opportunity for New Customers

When you position your business as the place to get the most significant discounts on items your customers know and love, you can be sure that people will talk. This could mean huge savings ahead of the busy holiday season, making new customer acquisition that much easier.

Naturally, your existing customers will be busy advertising your business to others as the place to be for the Christmas season attracting new customers looking for good deals. Use this opportunity to activate a good post-sales strategy. Upsell products already purchased, encourage customers to sign up for shoppers’ cards to redeem store items for purchase points, or send post-purchase emails to customers to ensure their satisfaction with items bought and customer experience.

Shoppers Buy a Whole Lot More Than They Expected

Pairing and bundling sale and non-sale items to entice customers to purchase more. Just because you’re having a Black Friday sale doesn’t mean that everything in your store has to be at discounted prices.

Black Friday is a Golden Opportunity

The chance to increase store traffic, clear out old inventory, acquire new customers, and generate incremental sales is highly achievable when you host a Black Friday sale. Make yours exceptional by promoting engaging content on your social media platforms, building anticipation and excitement around it before its official launch, and even throwing in a free service (e.g. free shipping or delivery) to get people even more excited about your sale. This is one marketing trend that you definitely want to be getting on.

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