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You and Your Shadow: Amplify brand presence for your business with successful marketing

We interact with brands very frequently in our everyday lives. And sometimes without even realizing it!

You need the answer to a question quickly; Google it!

You’re hungry but not in the mood to cook - KFC, anyone?

Or probably you need to find a good gift for your mom on Mother’s Day. Well then, let’s look for deals on Amazon.

Do you know what these three brands I just mentioned all have in common? They are not just big brand names - but superbrands! When people think of a specific activity or buying certain products, they automatically think of that brand. Some brands are so well known and recognized that they become synonyms for products!

Does your brand have that effect in your market? Is it everywhere without you even trying to sell it? Here’s how you know if you can call your brand a superbrand.

Become A Household Name

Play-Doh, Onesies, Band-Aids, Colgate and Popsicles. Apart from these items probably generating fond memories of your childhood, you may be surprised to know that these are not generic items at all, but the brand and trademarked names that have become synonymous with their product. Some brands become so widely popular and accepted that their very names get included in the dictionary as an accepted term!

Is your brand dominating the industry in this way? When people find themselves in need of a product or service you sell, does your brand name immediately come to mind?

Look In The Mirror To See Your Brand

If I asked you if you knew who Reed Hastings or Pierre Omidyar was, you probably would have no idea who I was talking about (They are the co-founders of Netflix and eBay, by the way).

However, I’m sure as soon as ‘Steve Jobs’ or ‘Mark Zukerburg’ are mentioned, a particular brand will immediately spring to mind for each one. While in many companies, the owner or CEO of a company often chooses to stay in the background, unseen, people like Zuckerberg and Jobs became their own personal brand through directly connecting with their audiences to offer their wisdom, share their personal stories and show genuine leadership of the company by showing up and taking accountability for any company decisions made.

Make yourself visible for your brand, and some customers may put more faith in your message because of the hands-on approach. In their minds, you will be inseparable from your message. Therefore, when people have a good impression of you, they have a good impression of your brand and vice versa.

Personal branding replicates the human touch, allowing for stronger emotional connections to your brand.