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Small virtual events can attract a big audience and have a powerful impact

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

In today’s post, I am exploring how executing small virtual events can gain you a big audience and make a powerful impact in your market. It's normal to attend virtual parties, meetings, training, webinars, and conferences. They are here to stay.If you have utilized events in the past to engage with your customers or a segment of your customers, it will definitely be in your interest to explore an online version of your event. Virtual events provide a construct where customers can get content and networking value, however, through a combination of an in-person and online event

First, itemize three goals that you want to achieve for this event, e.g., percentage of respondents, percentage of attendees, online shares or comments, and lead generation. You can also utilise goals similar to those that you would have had for your in-person events. Now, continue reading to see how you can integrate this engagement strategy ( virtual events) into your arsenal.

Start Small

It's best to experiment with a small event first. You will be able to test the theory that your customers would be interested in your online event, and that they would utilise this medium to interact with your business or brand. Don't be fooled into thinking that an online event means that your costs will be low, since online events are scaled based on the complexity of the event you intend to host. But on your first try, keep it simple and the production costs relatively low.

Big Audience

Online events have the potential to draw an even bigger audience than your traditional customers. Persons attending your live event will be paramount, this you can gauge prior with a registration platform. You can opt to record the event and keep it alive on your social media platforms and on your company website. This content can take on a third life by chopping up sound bites and concepts from the full length video (up to 3 minutes in duration) and post intermittently as topical, bite sized content long after the premiere. Interested persons can “attend” or view the event long after, as opposed to a purely in-person event whose content is lost when it is done

Powerful Impact

By exploring virtual events, you demonstrate:

  1. Your willingness to seek your customers out through tech

  2. Your interest in providing convenient solutions for your customers

  3. You care about tyour customers' wellfare by providing socially distanced engagement options

The intensity of your impact is heightened through the interactive nature of the virtual event solution. You can identify individual customers, interact with them and the entire group in a more meaningful way. Customers will also appreciate the opportunity to have their questions answered live.

Consider a hybrid

While the capacity of the in-person sessions can be restricted based on your jurisdiction, your online reach will be limitless. It is, therefore ,very important to build your online engagement strategy for the event as an integral part of the experience to maximize results.

Now I’d like to hear from you, have you attended any online events? What was your impression of the company or brand that hosted the event?

If you are exploring an online event, consider a phone or online consultation with me.

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