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Christmas in July: Quick Ways to Boost Sales with Events and Occasions

Deck the beach with boughs of folly. Ha la la la la…

Launch Holiday-Themed Products or Services

Why sit and wait for the holidays to come around when you can bring the holidays right to your customers? Create holiday-themed or brand-aligned products or services to boost interest in what you offer.

Showcase your products or services with displays that complement the upcoming season—worried that your business has no holiday flavoured products or services to offer? Not a problem. Tweak your offerings into bundles and plans and give those a holiday theme!

Can't wait for Christmas? Select some of your slower selling or overstocked products to promote them in a pre-Christmas sale campaign. Showcase your sale area with a holiday-themed design, and create urgency and excitement by limiting your offer to a specific timeline. Utilize both online and offline store placements for maximum exposure of your sale. Fire up the spirit of buying, even before the main season has started!

There is a holiday for almost every day of the year. Even little known, obscure occasions are marketing opportunities for your business to differentiate from the rest. Creating early mini-holiday-themed promotions around your products or services can test your audience appetite for these types of offers, allowing you to tailor that holiday promotion better for maximum impact.

Host a Fun Competition

Competitions add a layer of engagement for your audience with your business or brand. Keeping in mind that your goal is to boost sales, the competition should be centred around this. Engineering Contests like games of chance to win exciting prizes do well to change customer preferences (at least during the time of the promotion) in the customer's mind.

Who doesn't love a fun challenge or competition to spice up a celebration? Such events are ideal for energizing sales during a slow season. For example, consider hosting a seasonal contest where a customer can win a grand prize by composing the best Christmas carol or creating the best holiday-themed slogan, image, or video highlighting the products or services your business offers?

The by-products of such competitions are user-generated content that increases brand awareness and builds a deeper connection with your audience. Publishing contest submissions will also expose your business to your customers' network of friends and family, which means added visibility and reach for your brand message, products, and services. This is one of the best ways to get customers to become directly involved in building your brand.

Make Your Own Occasion!

You don't need permission to celebrate the things that you care about as a business! Why wait for official holidays to start boosting sales? Keep sales going all year round with your own special occasions that align with your business needs. Incorporate some of the tips given above and carry out specific events for a particular day (or days) every week, month or year as appropriate.

Its okay to conjure up a business proclaimed holiday for your brand. It can be as simple as displaying themed messages or images at main customer touchpoints, take the initiative a notch higher by including print, t-shirts or even giveaways. Double down on this strategy by offering gift vouchers to customers who buy your products after an event so that they may offer the experience they had to others. As a result, customers enjoy feeling valued and will be more likely to spread the word to others, leading to improved sales.

Include other businesses or community organizations into your brand occasions like charities or causes that you support. For example, you can host yearly marathons or monthly food runs to create awareness about the things that matter to your brand. Like-minded customers who share your sentiments and values will be inclined to supporting these events and thus your business.

Image by Ventus17 from Pixabay

Seize the Day!

No month has to be a slow month. There are ample opportunities out there that your business can take advantage of to help keep sales moving. Waiting for the seasonal rush of Christmas, Easter or any largely celebrated calendar event may prove less advantageous than you think. At these times, the market is crowded with competing messages from many businesses making it harder to stand out.

The best way to boost sales around traditional holidays is to market smarter rather than harder. So take time to craft an irresistible offer that your audience would be insane to ignore.

Step away from the pack, create your own off-season events to draw all eyes on you, and you alone is a path with unlimited possibilities.

Inspired to create your own branded event to kickstart a pre-holiday promotion?

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